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Who am I?

I was born in Hereford to a Welsh mother and English father and I have lived in several different English and Welsh towns during  my life. I studied for a degree and PhD in Medieval History at Cardiff University in the 1980s and 1990s and I have lived and worked in Swansea since 1998. A car accident in 2012 led to me developing PTSD and a life-long hobby became an essential therapy and unexpected career.

As Seen On TV

Oil Painting

My first love is colour and oils are, in my opinion, the best medium for colour. I like to paint landscapes, urban scenes and figurative work. I especially try to capture the fleeting moments of ordinary people in their everyday lives. Painting moods, anticipations and atmospheres. Creating presence and pathos.

Reviews of my work

“Emma’s paintings paintings are lively and capture the fleeting moments of day and night in the Swansea streets. A very strong visual impact is derived from bold blocks of colours and an expressive palette that is widely used in modern art and pop art. The cinematic compositions and dramatic use of light and dark in her artworks, particularly in those night scenes where I observe some tranquility and alienation in a busy city, almost draw a subtle connection to the pieces of Edward Hopper.

I particularly like the figurative works which I think capture the everyday nuances of normal people going about their daily life”

Rise Art – Insiders Review

“Looking at Emma’s painting you may get a sense of Paul Gauguin’s use of yellow and red, Robert Bevan’s blue green trees with purple, Henri Matisse’s simplification and exaggeration of form and Andre Derain’s bold definition of shape within the landscape. Emma likes the Fauvist simplified forms, use of lines and bold combination of colours. Emma challenges herself not to keep producing paintings in one style or influence, and is reactive to the scenes and feelings she is faced with when in front of a potential subject. She has created at the other end of the light spectrum too, capturing night-time urban, city scenes. 

There are so many subjects for Emma to apply herself too, as she is located in Swansea with so many different types of landscape close by – woodland, mountain and coast. It’s all about the light for Emma, capturing the excitement of it playing on her subjects. A true case of what’s left out by the artist with a clever use of colour to take the viewer’s mind on a journey into the depths of the image.” Review – Gallery OMP, Hereford.

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singing ringing tree

inner light



cloisionnist lane



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