Dogs (and their owners)

Dogs x 3

It is no secret that I love animals. I come from a family of animal lovers. Animals can do no wrong in my family. I suspect that my mother would prefer photos of friends’ dogs to photos of their grandchildren!

So it's no surprise that I often choose dogs (and their owners) as subjects for my art. I am not always terribly good at making eye contact with people when I am talking with them but when I am out walking, I will often catch the eye of a dog and a glance will pass between us. Perhaps, I am imagining this. Dogs are cool. They live in the moment and know how to fully enjoy themselves. They love being out and about and enjoy seeing that. There is no joy like the joy of dog running free in the park or in the woods.

I like to try and see the world from their point of view. This usually means a low viewpoint. Little Jack Russells are a favourite of mine. They have a big personality. I particularly like to capture the body language between the dogs and their humans. I am intrigued by the bond that links them. Even if they are just a dog and a human, they are a pack. The human is not always, “top dog”!

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