Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What artwork can be purchased via this Emma Cownie Art Website?

Collectors can purchase directly via this website original oil paintings and limited edition prints (on high quality 280gsm photographic paper).  

2. How Much is Packing and Postage?

Emma Cownie Art has sold artworks all over the world, and works hard to provide collectors with very competitive shipping rates - all shipping rates are highlighted shipping section dropdown box beside each artwork, before you get to the checkout. The postage rate is obviously dependent on where you are located in the world.

We offer free UK shipping on prints and paintings

3. What does a limited edition mean?

A Limited Edition is a series of prints which, as the name suggests, are limited in number. The size of the Edition varies from 100 to 150 in most cases. Normally the number is written on the print, for example 1 of 150 will be written 1/150, or on the mounting around the print. The artist also signs the artwork in the opposite bottom corner from where she as written the limited edition number. The price of a work is driven by the quality of the artwork itself – and generally is also function of the skill/fame of the artist, the size of the work, and the size of the edition. Limited Editions can therefore provide a great way to start purchasing known and celebrated artists works at very affordable prices and, due to their finite nature, they can often make great investments for the future.


4. Are Original Artworks Signed?

All original paintings are signed in the bottom corner of all  oil paintings.

5. Does the Artwork Look Exactly Like The Pictures On The Website?

All artworks are professionally photographed and, using Photoshop, when necessary, are enhanced so that all the images on this website are not only high resolution images of all artworks for sale but also accurately represent the artwork. However, if you are not satisfied with the artwork that you buy then you can always use our 14 day returns policy.

6. How Do I Buy?

Ordering from this website is simple. Once you have chosen the artwork you wish to purchase, simply click on the Add to Basket button beside the artwork, and it will take you through to the Payment Section.

7. What Payment Options Are There?

Emma Cownie Art accepts all major credit and debit cards including Visa/Visa Electron and PayPal.

8. How Can I Track My Order?

I will send you an email as soon as your order is posted, this will include details of the shipment and will also include a tracking number through which you can track the delivery of your order.  

9. What if I change my mind? 

If your order has not yet been shipped, you can cancel your order by emailing me at emmafcownie@gmail.com. If your order has already shipped we will be unable to cancel your order until it is returned. Please note that you will have to return the artwork at your own cost. On receipt of the artwork, Emma Cownie Art will be more than happy to fully reimburse you.  

10. Can I Arrange An Alternative Shipping Method Or Specify a Time of Delivery?

Yes, please get in touch with me on 07827574904 or email us at emmafcownie@gmail.com and we'll do our best to help you get your artwork at a time and date convenient for you.

11. How Do I Know My Personal Information is Safe?

My website is provided and mainatined by the established and reputable art company Artweb.com who ensure that all customer’s privacy is taken very seriously. Artweb.com will never share your email address or personal details with any third parties, or other companies. Artweb.com also ensures that security is utmost by being the provider of the Payment arrangements, rather than independent artists who use Artweb.com’s services.

12. Returns

Emma Cownie Art wants you to be happy with the art that you have chosen and to get years of enjoyment from it. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase then you free to return it (at your own cost) within 14 days of purchase, and your original payment will be reimbursed immediately. How you would like to reimbursed is your choice? Artwork such as Giclee prints (or paintings) can also be replaced with a like for like or by a different artwork. I am flexible in helping you get the artwork you want.  

13. What is a Certificate of Authenticity? 

When an artlover buys one of my oil paintings they will also receive this lovely printed certificate of authenticity with a miniature Giclee print of the painting they have just bought embedded. This will be printed on my own professional Canon printer. A Certificate of Authenticity not only guarantees that the artwork you purchase is authentic, created and signed by the artist but also that the artist retains all copyright to the future use of that image. That means the image of your artwork cannot be used, or reproduced by the buyer or anyone else apart from the artist who created that image. 

14. Who do we contact for additional Customer help? 

If you have any more queries or need additional customer support, please do not hesitate to contact me here or via my email - emmafcownie@gmail.com - I am only too happy to help you in owning a lovely piece of artwork. If you wish to talk to a human,  please contact my Creative Director on 07827574904 and he can deal directly and promptly with any queries you have.


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