Buying Art by Installments

Crossing the Bridge at Pwlldu

If you wish to pay for any of Emma's artwork via monthly part payments please contact us and we can arrange a schedule of payments - normally the part payment would have to be at least £50-£60 or approximately US$77-$92 (exchange rate at present) per month. Details such as your address etc could then be discussed via facebook or email (

The first step is to let us know which painting you want, then pay an arranged deposit and it will then be earmarked as sold, as your painting! It will then be delivered after the last payment is deposited in Emma Cownie Art bank account.

There are two ways to make part payments - the preferred way is via the payment of a bank transfer which can be made monthly and payable to my Emma Cownie Art business account. We have also set up a PayPal attached to Emma's email account through which collectors can pay monthly part payments to buy oil paintings.

If you have any more queries regarding buying artwork, please do not hesitate to contact us here or via email - - we are only too happy to help you in owning a wonderful unique piece of art.

We would also love to hear your feedback so do feel free to email me or ring my agent/helpline on 07827574904 and talk to someone human. Thank you.



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