The Constant Shadow

The Constant Shadow

Oil on Linen Canvas
33 x 41 cm

This urban minimal painting is of a funeral home on Malborough Road in Brynmill Swansea. The title refers to the shadow that death casts over my mind, when walking past here,
It is a solemn but strangely uplifting painting.

"Urban minimalism“ was initially inspired by the empty streets around where I live in Brynmill, Swansea. I wanted to capture this temporary calm in paint. So I started to take lots of photos of the local area with an eye to using them for the basis of paintings.
My “rules” for composition and painting No cars No People Bright light. There must be shadows – at diagonals if possible. Simplified forms – there must be little detail in the final painting. I wanted to explore the interplay of the geometry of shadows and man-made structures.
This style of painting is influenced by those American realist painters who paint the quiet, the spacious and the still and revere a certain treatment of light and colour such as Edward Hopper, Jim Holland, John Register, Frank Hobbs as well as by Contemporary Minimalists such as Christopher Benson, Leah Giberson, Tom McKinley, Mitchell, Johnson, Jessica Brilli and Emmett Kerrigan. I aim to bring an American sensibility to a Welsh urban landscape.


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