Part Payments

spring coloured pinewood
Why not spread the cost of by my artwork over months by using my monthly part payments scheme? 

If you would like to spread the costs of paying for one of my paintings too please click on this link to find out more details of how to pay for my paintings over a period of months via part payment - the first payment secures the painting for you!

Buying My Art via Monthly Part Payments

Dear Artlovers, if you wish to pay for any of my artwork via part payments please contact me and we can arrange a schedule of payments - 

normally the part payment would have to be at least £50-£60 or approximately US$77-$92 (exchange rate at present) per month. Details such as your address etc could then be discussed via my personal message system on facebook. 

I have sold several artworks this way so please feel encouraged to contact me (see below).  


There are two ways to make part payments  - my preferred way is via the payment of a bank transfer which can be made monthly and payable to my Emma Cownie Art business account.


I have also set up a PayPal attached to my email account through which artlovers can pay monthly part payments to buy my oil paintings - although I would incur costs this way so it is a second option.  I would prefer bank transfer payments instead if at all possible? 

The first step is to let me know which painting you want, then pay an arranged deposit and it will then be earmarked as sold, as your painting!


It will then be delivered after the last payment is deposited in my Emma Cownie Art bank account.


I will not charge postage either as an incentive to artlovers who want buy direct via facebook and wish to pay within their monthly budget. 


I look forward to ensuring you get the artwork you heart desires. 

Emma x





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