So Where We Going Then!?

So Where We Going Then!?

oil painting
46 x 38 cm

I loved this comic scenario. A sunlit afternoon shift of drinking on Wind Street, Swansea.
Five office friends have stopped in the street to decide where to go next as the itinerary has become unaccountably interrupted.
I loved the facial expressions on the various faces and their body mannerisms, how they show an exasperation at having their revelry stalled. The more portly woman can't stand the tension and looks away as if this has nothing to do with her.
They look on at the taller more attractive woman as she flicks through her smartphone to see what is happening, where. Their impatient faces seem to be asking, why consult that when we can just walk in somewhere, into one of the numerous drinking establishments which line this famous street in Swansea.
They are temporarily all dressed up with no where to go.


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